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  • Mission Statement

    "Our goal is to build a tool that provides the capability to quickly 
    search for product compatibility information across all CA products and 
    which is easily accessed, easy to use, secure, and up to date with 
    accurate and reliable release information"

    Currently the tool supports the APM versions that have been entered into the UI

  • Contacting the project team

    Contact the PCM Team through Mail:  Team-Ops-PCM(-AT-)ca(-DOT-)com 

    Find Product Compatibility

    CA APM compatibility data is available in the APM Product Compatibility Matrix (PCM). This user interface lets you search for compatibility information using one or more search values. In the results, you can view more information for an item by selecting the view icon. Follow these steps:

    1. Use a compatible browser (Not IE!)
    2. Select a solution from the Solution drop-down list and click Select solution. More filtering options appear. The PCM tool does not validate your selected filter choices. If data is unavailable for the search options, no results will appear.
    3. [Optional] Select options from the drop-down lists and checkboxes, and click Submit. Search results appear in a list.
      Note: You should first refine the search by adding search terms into the filter tab
    4. [Optional] Click the magnifier icon on an item of interest in the list. Details for the selected entry will appear.

      We want your feedback! Please send all feedback to the following email:  Team-Ops-PCM(-AT-)ca(-DOT-)com